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What our Delegates had to say……………..

Respected Sir,
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the amazing organisation of the CME.
It was indeed a marvellous event.
I would like to thank you for your kind hospitality.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. NishitJayant Shah
ISKSAA Life Member No: 1642

Respected sir,
To begin with I would like to thank Dr, Pushpinder Bajaj and Dr, LalitMaini for giving me this opportunity to go to Birmingham at QE and ROH under Dr, Tanweer Ashraf for one week fellowship. After an intellectual feast at the Leeds, we (krunal) went to QE Birmingham and to my surprise the day started beautifully with Ashraf sir making us feel welcomed and comfortable.

He made sure that all the legal formalities are being taken care of and we need not miss out on the day.

The very first day had an interesting OT list with cases like All inside ACL, Trochleoplasty, MPFL reconstruction with TT distalisation , meniscal repair and TKR.

We had the good fortunate to watch an expert like Ashraf sir perform these surgeries with outmost precision and he made sure that we understood each and every step. He obliged us by patiently answering to all our queries.

Next day we had a Trauma meet followed by Trauma OT, which was a good experience all together. Dr Ashraf not only taught us in ot but he made sure that we got to know how the system works at QE. He showed us around the Hospital and arranged an exhaustive physiotherapy session to highlight the importance of rehab in knee surgeries.

We also got an opportunity to watch an expert deal with his patients in the out patient setting. It was a completely different experience and there’s a lot I could take in from the way he carried himself in front of his patients.

Overall it has been a great experience starting from some fun at London, to the academic feast at Leeds and a wonderful fellowship in Birmingham.

It has kept me longing for more.

I would again like to thank Dr, LalitMaini and Dr, Pushpinder Bajaj for giving budding orthopaedic surgeons the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Had applied for Isksaa Sports Med Travelling fellowship 2019 at Leeds and I’m hopeful for the same.

Would continue to be a part of this wonderful organisation (ISKSAA)


Senior Resident
Department of Orthopaedics
Mamc and LokNayak Hospital
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
I write to express my gratitude to you for your kind help and advice in making me to attend the Laudable 12th International ISKSAA conference just ended in Leeds.

I have been attending conferences, but this conference surpasses all that I have attended both in content and in organization.

Sir, I would not be attending my one week Post conference fellowship in London, as I have an emergency situation to sort out back home.

My Interviews went well. I am hopeful of getting a placement.

I look forwards to taking up my offer hopefully once offered.

It was a pleasure meeting you Sir in person.

I hope you had a safe trip back to India.

Respectfully yours sir,


Good morning sir...
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful learning experience in ISKSAA LEEDS 2018 sir... The scientific programme was a feast with talks covering almost all the aspects required for us young surgeons...

Paper presentations, poster presentations and interviews were altogether a challenging experience...

Thanks a lot for the opportunity sir...

With regards,
Yours sincerely,

Dr Y Sri Harsha

Subject: Isksaa one week fellowship 2018

Hi sir,
This was my first international fellowship/observership and to begin with I was a bit sceptical that whether 1wk is too short a time to learn anything, as by the time one gets familiar with the Hospital and working environment the week would be over.

But to my surprise the day started beautifully at ROH. You not only made us feel welcomed and comfortable but you also went a step forward to sort out the formalities for us so that we don’t miss out on the day.

Sir, it has been my privilege to watch you work. There has been a lot to learn like your pre-op planning, your surgical skills, your demeanour in the OT and the way you present yourself to the patients be in OT or OPD.

It’s commendable how you fought for an open fracture despite being a knee specialist.

We had some good time with George sir, Baloch sir and Kartik sir too.

In a nutshell it has been a great week, it has stimulated me to learn more about the subject and yes I would like to imbibe some of the professional courtesy which I saw here into my vocation.

Hope to be a part of some long term fellowship to sharpen my surgical skills under a supervisor like you.

Pls call me if you happen to come to Delhi in near future, I would love to host you.

Thank you for the wonderful week

Ankit Kataria

ISKSAA one week Fellowship Report

Dr. Sujit Kumar Tripathy, MS, DNB, Dip. SICOT, MCH (UK)
Associate Professor, Orthopedics
AIIMS Bhubaneswar-751019

I was pleased to hear that Dr. MohitDua and myself got awarded ISKSAA fellowship at UK under Prof Paul Y F Lee. I landed at London and moved to Grantham by train on 10th June 2018. Even though it was Sunday, Prof Lee was kind enough to come to Railway station to pickup me and take me to my accommodation at Progress living. Immediately after arrival to my accommodation we moved into his chamber and we had a good discussion on Hip and knee arthroplasty, and also on regenerative medicine. He showed me many interesting cases. I also showed him many interesting cases that I had operated back home in India. There were good exchange of ideas and skills.

On Monday I went to theatre and Dr, Singhania had a long list of four interesting arthroplasty cases. I observed him and learned many new techniques. Prof Lee operated on two complex hip arthroplasties and three arthroscopies on Tuesday. I could see the spare technique of THA and cementing technique of acetabulum and femur. Being an Exeter fellow, Professor Lee was master in cementing technique and his way of cementing worth watching. He did both arthroscopies without tourniquet and the visibility was also excellent.

On Wednes day I observed Mr. George who was operating a revision shoulder arthroplasty. He was very calm, quite but quite efficient and skillful. We went to Lincoln on the same day afternoon by bus and visited the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral and castle. The scenic beauty of countryside while going on the top of double decker bus was magnificent. The weather was awesome.

Thursday was quite busy day as Mr. AlunYewlett showed us two reverse shoulder arthroplasty. His technique of isolating the axillary nerve from the quadrangular space was unique. On Friday, Dr Ashok showed us few ankle and foot cases. He showed us a MTP fusion, ankle arthroscopy for impingement and an internal bracing surgery for ankle instability. His surgical skill and acumen needs appreciation.

After all my stay at Grantham was very much fruitful as I could meet my senior colleague from PGI Dr. Mallikarjun HC. He is working in this hospital for a longtime. We enjoyed dinner with his family at his home on most of the days. Dr. Ashok took us to an Indian Restaurant ‘Gorkha Square’ for dinner and the food was awesome. On Saturday, We visited Woolsthorpe Manor that was the birthplace of Sir Isaac newton. We saw the apple tree, his innovations, painting on his house walls, sundials and many more. This place has enough material to inspire anyone for research and growth in life. For sometime I felt as if I was there in in the era of newton.

Next day we have to move to Leeds for ISKSAA global summit 2018. Overall the fellowship was quite exciting and all the staffs were cooperative. Although I have worked in NHS before, coming to this place reminded my old good days at UK. I could learn many things and I believe that I can apply the same skill at my own set up back home. Again this report will remain incomplete without thanking ISKSAA team and Prof. Lee for arranging such a beautiful trip.

I was allotted Post conference fellowship at Boston from 25 -29 th June.

I would like to thank whole team of ISKSAA for short and sweet exposure to UK hospitals.

Our mentor Dr RohitRambani is very optimistic and encouraging. He made us comfortable and introduced to whole Orthopaedics Department in first hour!

We saw lots of THR, TKR, shoulder replacements. We even managed to attend OPD and wards. We are also grateful to Dr Prabhakar, who was shoulder surgeon and Medical director.

Once again I would like to thank ISKSAA.


Dr Anil Gulia

Fellowship Report
It was an honour to be allowed at the NHS Arrowe Park Hospital, Liverpool, United Kingdom and gain exposure to many upper limb and lower limb arthroplasty surgeries under Mr. Vijay Bhalaik, Mr. Collins, Mr. Kaye, Mr. Simon and Mr. Allen. I went to various operation theatres over 5 days and saw trauma, arthroplasty, revision surgeries and arthroscopies of shoulder and elbow. I saw many techniques and even basics got revised. All the queries were duly cleared by eminent faculty. All the nursing staff and post graduate students/fellows were very warm and cooperative even though we were from an all together different system of work. I was given an opportunity to visit Oakland hospital at Salford to observe shoulder and elbow arthroscopy on my last day with Mr Vishal Saini, a very warm and intellectual upper limb surgeon, who showed and explained the basic shoulder and elbow arthroscopic procedures to me.

The extremely cooperative and warm welcoming nature and always encouraging attitude of Mr. Vijay Bhalaik both for foreign and his own fellows, is a boon for his institution.

He had also arranged workshop models for shoulder arthroscopy to practice on. The most heart touching fact is that he used to pick and drop the fellows himself whenever possible. I have never seen such zeal to teach and spread knowledge.

I would like to thank ISKSAA and especially Dr Pushpinder Bajaj sir for giving this opportunity to me.
I would always try to keep the Orthopaedic flag high and make you all proud.

Lots of regards Yours sincerely

Dr AkshayLekhi

Thank you sir for the opportunity. It was a great experience for me and looking forward for future opportunities. Thanks a lot once again


ISKSAA was a memorable experience. Cadaveric course, meeting with Sunil gavaskar, hospital visitations, observership at wrightington -- all were really good and benefited me. Thanks a lot for those wonderful days.

The conference content ( June 21 and 22 ) was suboptimal. Topic selection was not that great. Every one compared it with 2016 meeting in delhi. But on the whole it was a very useful 2 weeks.

I humbly request the organising committee to send me the certificates of the conference, cadaveric course and hospital visitations. I received the certificate from NHS regarding the observership.
Thanking you.


Dear Dr. Bajaj,
Thanks, it was really a great conference and was very well organised and spaced out. As usual it was an educational feast for everyone, as all ISKSAA conferences are.
Wish to see you in next conference.

Dr AsifIqbal

Dear President
Thank you for arranging a fantastic meeting: it was really informative, and well-run.
I would be very grateful if your team would e-mail an attendance certificate to me.
Thank you
Best Regards

James H M Brown

Dear Dr. Bajaj
I would appreciate it if you can forward Congress participation certificate.
Many thanks and congratulations to you and your team from India and U.K. for having successfully conducting the Congress.

G E Murthy


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