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We welcome you the new updated website of ISKSAA and its Annual Clinical Meetings (International Society for Knowledge for Surgeons on Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty) which has already received over 180000 hits till now globally from over 136 Countries. To achieve its mission, ISKSAA has undergone a membership programme & we are happy to already have over 1150 members ( India & Overseas ) in just over 3 years and hope to cross the 1500 mark by the next Congress making it the fastest growing Orthopaedic Association in the country.

Having started from a modest first ever Knee & Shoulder cadaveric workshop in Delhi in 2005 where we had 100 delegates and 10 faculty, we have progressed to over 150 Faculty including 30 Overseas faculty, 700 Registered Delegates, 8 preconference cadaveric workshops, 326 lectures / presentations, 200 abstracts, 68 ICL / Debates / panel discussions / Workshops / Symposiums, 35 Live surgeries including live transmission from France & Mumbai, awarding 54 Clinical Fellowships and participation of over 30 Trade Exhibitors at ISKSAA 2014 in September 2014 at New Delhi.

ISKSAA GANGA 2015 was held at Ganga hospital Coimbatore on 23-24th October 2015. The Course focussing on Basic Hip, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Courses was oversubscribed with over 320 Registrations for 4 courses and 40 ISKSAA Clinical fellowships for our members.

ISKSAA is happy to announce that the fifth edition of its official, peer reviewed, online scientific journal Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (JAJS), is now available for viewing on our website for members. It has an editorial board of top experts from the globe and is being professionally managed by Elsevier. It is circulated to all ISKSAA members and all IOA members with a circulation of over 10000. We encourage you to become a part of this ISKSAA endeavour and help to make it one of the best and far reaching journals in Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty in India and abroad. The Journal details are available on the website.

Finally we invite you to participate in the prestigious ISKSAA Clinical Fellowship program. We are finalising affiliations with ESSKA, ISAKOS, BOA, BASK, Wrightington and FLINDERS MEDICAL CENTRE, IMRI AUSTRALIA along with several trade partners to provide more ISKSAA Fellowships in India, UK, USA, Australia and Europe. We awarded 14 Fellowships in Feb 2013 Congress, 6 IMRI fellowships in Feb 2014, 54 fellowships in September 2014 Congress, 22 ISKSAAWrightington MCh fellowships in Dec 2014& 40 fellowships in ISKSAA GANGA 2015. We are now in the process of finalising Fellowships for 2016.

Preparations are on for ISKSAA GLOBAL SUMMIT 2016 to be held from 20th November – 23rd November 2016 in New Delhi / NCR, the capital city of India under the leadership of Dr IPS Oberoi ( Congress President ) and Dr D Pardiwala ( Scientific President ). The Congress will aim at a delegate strength of 1500 with global participation making it the largest speciality Congress in Orthopaedics in the Country and Region. The Symposium will aim to be supported by various orthopaedic societies across the globe including ISAKOS, ESSKA, BASK, BOA and Flinders Medical Centre from Australia. It promises to be an action packed affair with

With Live Surgeries being transmitted from global centres, Faculty and delegates from all over the globe, Fellowships in various global centres and trade participation from all over the globe, it promises to be a TRULY GLOBAL SUMMIT. We invite you to experience this unparalleled event and become part of the international experience. With warm regards

Dr Pushpinder Bajaj
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MOBILE : +91-9811056525,
EMAIL : psbajaj@hotmail.com / drpsbajaj@gmail.com / isksaapresident@gmail.com

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Dr Lalit Maini
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EMAIL : lalit_maini@rediffmail.com

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Dr IPS Oberoi
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