ISKSAA has seen the light of the day after a decade of effort for sharing knowledge of international experts with the audience of upcoming Orthopaedic Surgeons interested in enhancing their knowledge in Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty.

In 2002 Dr.Pushpinder Bajaj and Dr. Lalit Maini who were both settled in their Orthopaedic practice had this common desire to pass the knowledge in the field of Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty to the next generations. They also desired to bring together experts from their country and the world to regularly exchange experiences and improve standard of care in these two fields. The concept was fuelled by the existence of other major International societies such the ISAKOS and the ESSKA both of which hold conferences abroad and involve a lot in expenses and time required and thus are out of the reach of the junior Orthopaedic colleagues.

With the constant support of Prof Jegan Krishnan, regular symposia on these topics were started on an yearly basis. This was the first step from which it was learnt that there was a need of year long interaction and not just one annual meeting. Surgeons needed one to one learning exposures to improve their skills and add new knowledge. There was a need to have fellowships, online forums, educational books, CDs, journals, multicentric knowledge sharing and research collaborations.

After conducting nine events in the last decade, ISKSAA was thought of and launched in 2012 to fulfill these larger goals. The organizational structure of this society was developed in 2013 in order to start delivering the above said benefits to its members. ISKSAA was conceived as a more cost effective and less time consuming alternative to overseas events.

It is unique in its structure as it does not have any geographical boundaries and has two very important modalities of Orthopaedic care under one umbrella. It also intends to address all the joints so that the members have a complete knowledge platform for their area of interest.

Members of the society would benefit by learning the recent advances and the common practices through this web portal. Members would be eligible for fellowships. All the events would be available on the member’s page to members for later reference. Once more members from different centers enroll they would have an opportunity to be a part of multicentric research collaborations.

ISKSAA is strengthened by the joining of Dr IPS Oberoi as the ISKSAA Executive Director . He will be directly responsible for all the CME programs, cadaveric workshops and other Scientific meetings including the ISKSAA 2016 Congress at New Delhi . With his rich experience as past Secretary of Indian Arthroscopy Society and Current Secretary of Asian Arthroscopy Society, ISKSAA will benefit by further trade collaborations and increased membership from the Asia pacific Region to provide more training opportunities to our members.

ISKSAA is happy to announce that the fifth edition of its official, peer reviewed, Scopus indexed, online scientific journal Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery ( JAJS ) , is now available for viewing on our website. It has an editorial board of top experts from the globe and is being professionally managed by Elsevier. It is circulated to all ISKSAA members and all IOA members with a circulation of over 10000.

We are happy to have already over 1150 Members under the Association and aim to reach a strength of 1500 by the next Congress in September 2016 making it the fastest growing Orthopaedic Association in the country & region in just 3 years of its inception with over 175000 hits from over 129 countries on the website. Under the prestigious ISKSAA Fellowship program, we are finalising affiliations with ESSKA, ISAKOS, BOA, BASK, Wrightington and FLINDERS MEDICAL CENTRE, IMRI AUSTRALIA along with several trade partners to provide more ISKSAA Fellowships in India, UK, USA, Australia and Europe . We awarded 14 Fellowships in Feb 2013 Congress, 6 IMRI fellowships in Feb 2014, 54 fellowships in ISKSAA 2014 Congress, 22 ISKSAA Wrightington MCh fellowships in December 2014 & 40 fellowships in ISKSAA GANGA 2015. We are now in the process of finalising Fellowships for 2016.

We invite you to visit us at www.isksaa.com for regular updates and also become a member to have all the benefits.


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